Soulard’s Frenchtown Dog Park

The Frenchtown Dog Park Association (“FDPA”) was created in 2004 by local residents to meet the needs of the families with dogs residing in the Old Frenchtown Neighborhoods in St. Louis consisting of Benton Park, Lafayette Square, LaSalle Park and Soulard. The Dog Park Association’s goal is to provide an urban green space that offers a safe and secure environment within which residents can exercise their dogs and socialize with their neighbors.

The Frenchtown Dog Park, with over 3/4 of an acre, is one of the largest enclosed green spaces in the City of Saint Louis where dogs and their owners can exercise safely in a fenced-in area. Fencing, water and waste stations will be added around the additional two parcels to the south in 2014 to increase to 1.5 acres and continue to functions as a safe, enclosed area for dogs, as well as a location for activities and education classes aimed at promoting responsible pet ownership.  The park is available for animal adoption events and organized social gatherings.

The Frenchtown Dog Park Association has received generous support from John and Lucille Wendling, Mr. Michael Stokes, Alderwoman Phyllis Young, The Mardi Gras Foundation, the Employee Community Fund of Boeing, and the surrounding Frenchtown neighborhoods.

Click Below to Support the Frenchtown Dog Park and Donate Today!

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